Strategic partnerships

Combining forces helps create a stimulating research and learning environment. Leiden University therefore actively seeks opportunities for collaboration: disciplinary and interdisciplinary, and within research networks, schools and institutes, and expertise centres. It has various collaborative partnerships with other knowledge institutions and parties at regional, national and international level.

Regional and national partnerships

Leiden - Delft - Erasmus
This strategic alliance of Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University in South Holland covers a unique combination of teaching and science domains: social sciences, humanities, economics, law, fundamental sciences (including life sciences), medicine and technical sciences.

Leiden - Delft - Erasmus

TU Delft
The collaboration between Leiden University and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is instrumental in raising and maintaining the reputation of both institutions. The aim of the collaboration is to tackle together multidisciplinary problems that have both academic and social relevance. Wherever possible, the Higher Professional Education institutions (HBO,Hoger beroepsonderwijs) and other knowledge institutions in the area are also involved.

The Faculty of Science at Leiden University and several faculties at TU Delft have already been collaborating for some years in a number of projects, including offering joint degree programmes. This provides a good basis for broad, institutional collaboration in the area of education, research, and business management and organisation.

TU Delft has participated in Campus The Hague since the end of 2005. Both universities and The Hague City Council would like the campus to develop into a platform where the universities can collaborate with other leading national and international higher education institutions. 
TU Delft

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
Leiden University and the LUMC are involved with TNO in the Centre for Medical Systems Biology (CMSB). The VU University Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and their Medical Centres also participate in this Centre. In 2003, the initial impetus was given to formal collaboration in the field of tissue remodelling (including stem cell research), information and communication technology in healthcare and Public Health.

In 2006, the LUMC forged an alliance with the Bronovo Hospital in Rotterdam, building on the long-standing collaboration between the two hospitals. Economies of scale allow for better patient care, optimise the capacity and quality of the teaching carried out at the hospitals concerned, and provides increased research possibilities.

The LUMC has been working for a number of years in a valuable and fruitful relationship with TNO Prevention and Health (TNO-PG). The collaboration has been formalised in the fields of Child Health, angiogenesis and transgenic facilities, and, since 2002, in the field of cardiovascular research. 


Life meets Science
In July 2003, the University took the initiative to enter into collaboration with a number of partners in the field of the Life Sciences. These partners include knowledge institutions and businesses in the Leiden Bio Science Park, and local and national government. Under the slogan of ‘Leiden – Life Meets Science’, work is now underway on the details of a ten-year action programme. This programme will focus on more intensive interaction between research projects, education, business, government, and public and social organisations in the field of Life Sciences. In addition, Life meets Science will help reinforce the Leiden Life Science cluster.

Leiden Bio Science Park
Leiden University and the National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis, collaborate in the field of research, education and in outreach programmes in the field of science.

LeidenCity Council
The City Partners Network consists of 19 organisations from Leiden, including Leiden City Council, Leiden University, the cultural sector and Leiden Centre Management. Its main aim is to promote Leiden and all its places of interest in the best way possible to attract more visitors, students, tourists, congresses, events and companies.

Leiden City Portal
Leiden City Council  

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